First Objective 

Developing technologies

Advancement of robotic rehabilitation technologies and integration with cloud solutions for

 transmural motor rehabilitation and telemonitoring of paediatric neurological patients. 

Activity 1 

Deploy generation zero technologies for pre pilot actions.

The technologies developed in MOTION project are the base (version zero) for RE:HOME. The smart garment will integrate new sensors, the signal processing and communication protocols will be upgraded. A first mobile application for capturing mobility parameters with inertial. 

Activity 2

Adapt and release first-generation technologies for pilot actions.

The exoskeleton modules, smart garment and IT platform will be adapted and improved according to the observations and advice received from pre-pilots with neurological patients above 16 years old.  

Activity 3

Development second generation technologies

The exoskeleton modules smart garment and IT platform will be further optimized and integrated based on the feedback received from pilot actions conducted.